English names of programming special characters

Many developers are not native English speakers. Some special characters used in programming may be difficult to remember. Here is a list of special characters used in programming with their names in English:

{, }Braces, curly brackets
{Left brace
}Right brace
(, )Parentheses, round brackets
(Open / left bracket / parenthesis
)Close / right bracket / parenthesis
[, ]Square brackets, brackets
[Open / left bracket
]Close /right bracket
!Exclamation mark
Hyphen, dash
=Equal sign
.Period, dot
Less than, angle brackets
Greater than, angle brackets
/Forward slash
`Grave accent, backtick, back quote


  1. Hi, I am not a native English, so I am very happy to find your site.

    But I am missing some more characters, like

    ‘ ” & |

    Kind regards from Germany


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