About me

I’m Arek.

When I was twelve I started to be fascinated with computers. They were blinking. They were shining. Hard disks were murmuring like cats. They were the most captivating thing out there. Therefore I started to learn. Now, a few thousand days later, allow me to introduce myself again…

I’m Arek, a software developer from Poland.

Since 2013, I worked for a few companies, some of them quite well known, and gained a bit of practical experience. I used various technologies but focused mainly on the .NET framework. Most of the time, I was a full-stack developer, and due to the rapid development of the JavaScript world in recent years, I worked with jQuery, Angular.js, Angular 2+ and finally, now, React. When it comes to domains my experience is dominated, but not limited to, the banking industry.

I love to create well-crafted software in cooperation with great teams. I enjoy seeing the steady progress of a product which I believe will have a positive impact. I’ve seen badly organized teams, I’ve seen poorly designed products. But I’ve also seen awesome teams with perfect organization. I worked on the products which make the users happy. I observed carefully and reasoned. I made mistakes, minor but still, I made great choices. On this blog, I’m trying to gather the knowledge to help others to avoid errors.

Except for the software I love art, in all forms – can it be music, painting, or architecture. I enjoy reading and understanding the human psyche. If you want to contact me, here are the social media links: